Alex Padilla for Secretary of State 2014

Rob Patton assisted Alex Padilla as digital communications consultant for his statewide Secretary of State campaign. Working with Rose Kapolczynski Consulting, Trilogy Interactive and the Padilla campaign team to develop and support an integrated digital and social media strategy to secure a victory for Alex Padilla. Rob used the NationBuilder community organizing platform as an all-in-one communications tool to broadcast campaign content and messaging to Padilla supporters across California’s 58 counties.

Alex Padilla for State Senate 2006

Rob Patton served as digital communications consultant for the Padilla for Senate campaign in this highly competitive California state senate primary race in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Rob worked with general consultants Progressive Strategy Partners to broaden Alex Padilla’s name recognition and communicate his accomplishments as a Los Angeles City Council member and promote his vision for the district and state. Alex Padilla won with 56% of the vote and went on to a general election victory.

Barbara Boxer for Senate 2004

Returning to Boxer campaign team as a consultant, Rob served as chief web producer and content strategist for Senator Barbara Boxer's re-election bid in 2004. By implementing a multifaceted strategy that hinged on online grassroots advocacy and video testimonials the Boxer 2004 campaign website served as the focal point for creative fundraising programs and solicitations, effective marketing of campaign merchandise, how-to guides for branded house parties and engagement tools for supporters to use in helping Senator Boxer "knock out" the competition. Senator Boxer defeated former California Secretary of State Bill Jones 57.7% to 37.8%.

Jane Harman for Congress 2002

Working with veteran candidate, Congresswoman Jane Harman, Rob developed and managed the Harman for Congress 2002 web communications campaign. Rob collaborated directly with the Congresswoman's campaign team to produce an attractive website that highlighted the Congresswoman's expertise in foreign affairs and defense at a time when strong leadership was essential. The site illustrated with ample evidence the rationale for sending Jane back to the nation’s Capital to continue her work as a senior member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees.

Bill Richardson for New Mexico Governor 2002

Rob Patton worked with then former Congressman, U.S. Secretary of Energy and U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson in his campaign to become the Governor of New Mexico. Over the course of the 2002 election campaign, Rob helped develop a unique and diverse digital communications strategy that highlighted Bill Richardson's vision for the state economy, effective leadership style and history of accomplishments. On Election Day New Mexican's agreed and overwhelmingly elected Bill Richardson Governor.

Steve Westly for State Controller 2002

Rob Patton worked with first time candidate and former Vice President of eBay Steve Westly in his bid to become California State Controller in 2002. Rob helped focus the Westly web strategy around transitioning real-world grassroots engagement for the Westly campaign into digital engagement. As a result the Westly website became a portal for over two thousand statewide volunteers. Those volunteers made a decisive difference on Election Day mobilizing voters for Steve Westly, who went on to win the election by the narrow margin of 20,000 votes.

Adam Schiff for Congress 2000, 2002

Rob Patton was responsible for developing and executing then California State Senator Adam Schiff's web strategy in his hotly contested CA 27th district Congressional race against incumbent James Rogan in 2000. Rob worked closely with Senator Schiff's campaign team to implement an integrated web and email strategy that contributed to Adam Schiff's victory. The Schiff v. Rogan campaign was a nationally publicized “internet-based” campaign due to the involvement of the newly formed MoveOn organization. Rob worked with SG&A Campaigns and MoveOn to leverage email marketing to engage voters and donors to defeat James Rogan. The Schiff for Congress site was nominated as site of the month in the May 2000 edition of Campaigns & Elections. Rob revised his role as digital campaign consultant in 2002 to help Congressman Schiff secure reelection.

Barbara Boxer for Senate 1998

As Director of Technology for the victorious 1998 Boxer for Senate campaign team, Rob Patton, played an instrumental role in developing and deploying the campaign's digital marketing and web strategy. The Boxer 1998 website won George Washington University's Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet's Golden Dot Award for excellence in online campaigning. Rob used nascent online advertising to engage and target web audiences as well as drive traffic to make contributions online and purchase campaign merchandise. The campaign site was one of the first to make a net profit selling merchandise, namely Senator Boxer’s famous campaign “Boxer Shorts,” largely due to the integrated approach Rob worked to develop. The website is considered to this day a model effort in the emerging field of online campaigning.



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