Barbara Boxer for Senate 1998

As Director of Technology for the victorious 1998 Boxer for Senate campaign team, Rob Patton, played an instrumental role in developing and deploying the campaign's digital marketing and web strategy. The Boxer 1998 website won George Washington University's Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet's Golden Dot Award for excellence in online campaigning. Rob used nascent online advertising to engage and target web audiences as well as drive traffic to make contributions online and purchase campaign merchandise. The campaign site was one of the first to make a net profit selling merchandise, namely Senator Boxer’s famous campaign “Boxer Shorts,” largely due to the integrated approach Rob worked to develop. The website is considered to this day a model effort in the emerging field of online campaigning.

Adam Schiff for Congress 2000, 2002

Rob Patton was responsible for developing and executing then California State Senator Adam Schiff's web strategy in his hotly contested CA 27th district Congressional race against incumbent James Rogan in 2000. Rob worked closely with Senator Schiff's campaign team to implement an integrated web and email strategy that contributed to Adam Schiff's victory. The Schiff v. Rogan campaign was a nationally publicized “internet-based” campaign due to the involvement of the newly formed MoveOn organization. Rob worked with SG&A Campaigns and MoveOn to leverage email marketing to engage voters and donors to defeat James Rogan. The Schiff for Congress site was nominated as site of the month in the May 2000 edition of Campaigns & Elections. Rob revised his role as digital campaign consultant in 2002 to help Congressman Schiff secure reelection.

Steve Westly for State Controller 2002

Rob Patton worked with first time candidate and former Vice President of eBay Steve Westly in his bid to become California State Controller in 2002. Rob helped focus the Westly web strategy around transitioning real-world grassroots engagement for the Westly campaign into digital engagement. As a result the Westly website became a portal for over two thousand statewide volunteers. Those volunteers made a decisive difference on Election Day mobilizing voters for Steve Westly, who went on to win the election by the narrow margin of 20,000 votes.

Bill Richardson for New Mexico Governor 2002

Rob Patton worked with then former Congressman, U.S. Secretary of Energy and U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson in his campaign to become the Governor of New Mexico. Over the course of the 2002 election campaign, Rob helped develop a unique and diverse digital communications strategy that highlighted Bill Richardson's vision for the state economy, effective leadership style and history of accomplishments. On Election Day New Mexican's agreed and overwhelmingly elected Bill Richardson Governor.

Jane Harman for Congress 2002

Working with veteran candidate, Congresswoman Jane Harman, Rob developed and managed the Harman for Congress 2002 web communications campaign. Rob collaborated directly with the Congresswoman's campaign team to produce an attractive website that highlighted the Congresswoman's expertise in foreign affairs and defense at a time when strong leadership was essential. The site illustrated with ample evidence the rationale for sending Jane back to the nation’s Capital to continue her work as a senior member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees.

Barbara Boxer for Senate 2004

Returning to Boxer campaign team as a consultant, Rob served as chief web producer and content strategist for Senator Barbara Boxer's re-election bid in 2004. By implementing a multifaceted strategy that hinged on online grassroots advocacy and video testimonials the Boxer 2004 campaign website served as the focal point for creative fundraising programs and solicitations, effective marketing of campaign merchandise, how-to guides for branded house parties and engagement tools for supporters to use in helping Senator Boxer "knock out" the competition. Senator Boxer defeated former California Secretary of State Bill Jones 57.7% to 37.8%.

Alex Padilla for State Senate 2006

Rob Patton served as digital communications consultant for the Padilla for Senate campaign in this highly competitive California state senate primary race in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Rob worked with general consultants Progressive Strategy Partners (now Rose Kapolczynski Consulting) to broaden Alex Padilla’s name recognition and communicate his accomplishments as a Los Angeles City Council member and vision for the district and state. Alex Padilla won with 56% of the vote and went on to a general election victory.

Alex Padilla for Secretary of State 2014

Rob Patton also served as digital communications consultant for the Padilla for Secretary of State statewide campaign. Rob worked with Rose Kapolczynski Consulting, Trilogy Interactive and the Padilla campaign team to develop and support an integrated digital and social media strategy to secure a victory for Alex Padilla. Rob used the NationBuilder community organizing platform as an all-in-one communications tool to broadcast campaign content and messaging to Padilla supporters across California’s 58 counties.


UCSB Center for Information Technology Society

As Program Manager for the University of California at Santa Barbara's Center for Information Technology & Society (CITS) Rob Patton was responsible for an array of communication activities dedicated to promoting research dealing with the human dimensions of new media technology. Rob directed the design, development and management of the center's online resources & content. Rob also directed several event series’ and produced a video archive of over 50 research lectures and other major event presentations that remain a vital educational resource.

UC San Diego Science Research Park

In 2006 Rob Patton developed the web communications and marketing framework for the University of California at San Diego Science Research Park's (SRP). The SRP website was designed to serve as a portal for San Diego’s high-tech and biotech corporate audience seeking opportunities to develop partnerships with UC San Diego’s research community.

UCSB Forum on Digital Transitions

The 2006 Santa Barbara Forum on Digital Transitions: Social Collaboration and Dynamic Communities was the first in a series of annual meetings exploring innovation and long-term social transformations resulting from people's use of information technologies. Rob Patton was a member of the forum's organizing committee and developed the communications strategy and content to promote the forum. In addition, Rob deployed the tools such as the forum wiki to serve as a resource portal for the over 150 forum participants. With the assistance of student and faculty talent, Rob also produced a unique video TechConnect: Putting the Unity in Community which received enthusiastic reviews from the forum participants.

UCSB Technology & Society Ph.D. Emphasis

Rob Patton was a principle author and lobbyist behind what became the UCSB Technology and Society Ph.D. emphasis in 2006. The emphasis is a unique set of multi-disciplinary courses offered to graduate students in participating departments planning dissertations dealing with the societal implications of information technology. Rob managed the approval process through the Academic Senate and developed a communication strategy to establish support from faculty and departments. Rob also recruited the first emphasis participants and promoted the emphasis to prospective student audiences.


Initiative 773 -- Healthcare for Washington's
Working Families 2001

In 2001 Rob Patton was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing the digital communications strategy for Washington State's Initiative Measure No. 773 Healthcare for Washington's Working Families. Rob worked with the I-773 management team to create a site to organize volunteers, raise money and provide an online platform for initiative information and organizing. In November 2001, Initiative 773 was passed overwhelming by 66% of the vote. I-773 helped improve access to health care services for low-income children and adults by providing additional funds for Washington state's Basic Health Plan.

Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch 2001-2003

Rob Patton worked with SG&A Campaigns from 2001 through 2003 managing the digital communication messaging and content strategy for Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch. The non-profit communications effort involved a broad-based coalition of environmental groups, community and business leaders, homeowners associations, students, and concerned elected officials working to stop Washington Mutual's disastrous development of a 'new city' of 10,000 residents in the pristine Santa Monica Mountains. After three years of a relentless public education email campaign the Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch coalition was successful in securing the purchase of 3,000 acres by the State of California.


Morricone Youth

Morricone Youth is a New York City septet formed in 1999 dedicated to performing and recording old film and television soundtrack and library production music. Rob Patton has worked with Morricone Youth since its inception to develop an integrated channel strategy to attract fans to Morricone Youth's East Village Radio show, blog and multiple social media properties. Rob is currently working with Morricone Youth to develop audience engagement for a spin-off live radio program on WFMU-FM 91.1 Jersey City, NJ, known as Morricone Island. Rob produces all branded promotional materials for Morricone Youth's live performances.


Pretendo is a New York City based indie rock band formed in 2004. Rob Patton worked closely with Pretendo members to develop a creative digital communications presence for the band to increase their fan base and promote live performances in the New York metropolitan area. One successful technique employed was including a live video stream of band practices and brainstorming sessions hosted on the band’s website.


Creedle is an avant-jazz-punk-art band based in San Diego, California which released three full length albums on Cargo Music Headhunter Records in the 1990s along with numerous 7" singles. Rob Patton worked with band members to provide creative content for Creedle albums and helped the band take advantage of early digital communication strategies prior to the advent of MySpace to more effectively promote the band’s recorded music and live performances.


The City of Pocatello

As city Communications Manager Rob Patton led radical redesign and reconceptualization of how the City of Pocatello communicates to its citizen stakeholders. Rob worked to incorporate video throughout the site and use social media to more effectively broadcast city news, policy and event information. Rob developed a networked audience of over 10,000 followers creating channels specific to the city’s 25 departments. Rob also implemented a strategy for two Association of Idaho Cities innovation award-winning campaigns on fiscal transparency and curbside recycling.

Conserve Pocatello

Working with the City of Pocatello environmental education team and Steele & Associates, Rob Patton designed a web and social media strategy for the branded local initiative, Conserve Pocatello. Conserve Pocatello is an energy efficiency knowledge base, with a web and physical kiosk component. Rob managed the installation and design of both Conserve Pocatello components. The communication plan for Conserve Pocatello leverages government and business resources to encourage residents to be “energy smart, water smart and dollar smart” through strategies to save energy and water at home, work, and school.

The Pocatello Zoo

The Pocatello Zoo is unique in that its focus is on wildlife of the Intermountain West. In his capacity as communications manager, Rob Patton worked to redevelop the Pocatello Zoo's web presence to identify it with it's unique regional heritage. Rob also implemented a social media communication strategy to strengthen the distinctive role the zoo plays in the community.

Portneuf Valley Bike to Work

Sponsored by the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization, the Portneuf Valley Bike to Work initiative mirrors the national event that promotes month long activities in May to improve community health through biking. Rob Patton served on the Portneuf Valley Bike to Work organizing committee and was an active promoter and participant in the annual program. Working with the committee Rob redesigned the program's web strategy to better involve local businesses, employees and targeted groups within the community to increase involvement and get people out of their cars and onto their bikes.

Leadership Pocatello

Rob Patton is an alumni of the Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Pocatello program, Class of 2008-2010. The program is a two year commitment that prepares and encourages individuals to take leadership roles within the community. As Marketing Chair for the annual Leadership Pocatello Presents fundraising event Rob created the first web communication strategy for the 30 year old program. Serving as President of the Leadership Pocatello Alumni Association (LPAA) board and member of the Executive Committee Rob created the program's social media program and worked to involve LPAA stakeholders in social communication for promoting the program's civic accomplishments, soliciting business sponsors, highlighting class activities, and reconnecting with alumni.



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