Rob Patton has been actively involved in producing new media as well as studying it for several years. Between 2002 - 2008 Rob produced the Center for Information Technology and Society Research Lecture Series highlighting the breadth of multi-disciplinary research on the social implications of technolgy at UC Santa Barbara. In 2008 Rob presented his Master's thesis research on Facebook and Networked Interactivity as part of the series.

Facebook and Networked Interactivity (2008)
In this talk Rob presents his work on a study that examined the communication behaviors of student users of the popular online social networking site (SNS) Facebook. Specifically the research analyzed the relationships between three categories of antecedent user characteristics: academic achievement, background demographics, and new media use behaviors against the forms of networked interactivity present in Facebook user profile communication: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many and aggregated networked interactivity.


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